About Me

Hi, my name is Amielle Moreno. I earned my PhD. in neuroscience from Emory University and have dedicated my efforts to science communication, news coverage, and academic writing/editing.

I’m currently working as a medical/health writer and am accepting new projects. I also work as an entertainment writer, researching and reporting fascinating scientific and historic subjects for Grunge.com. You can follow my latest article through my Campsite Bio.

While working in the laboratory of Dr. Robert C. Liu, I published in a peer-reviewed journal ,  wrote for various science websites, and enjoyed taking charge as the Editor-In-Chief of two Emory University publications. I have a second academic manuscript submitted for publication. It details the my findings on how the sensory areas of the brain respond to social sound.

When I’m not writing or editing, you can find me spinning the latest neuroscience news into comedy gold, hosting my podcast Miss Behavior Journal Club. This fortnightly humorous podcast features the latest in behavior research. My goal in life is to defend the truth and discover a tasty beer with no calories.

Why You Need a Scientist to Write Science

The goal of the scientific method is to correct and improve our knowledge of the world. The goal of a science writer is the same.

Science isn’t easy to talk about. It’s complex and constantly changing. When science communication lacks passion, audiences gets bored and stop listening. And when untrained individuals speak the language of science, details and facts can get lost in translation.

This is why it’s so important for scientists to communicate what is exciting about their work. They owe it to the truths they’ve discovered to make people listen, clarify misunderstandings, and propel the world forward.

I am dedicated to the art of science storytelling; to enlighten, and entertain. Let me help you research, write, and edit the biological processes you want your audience to grasp.