your science translator

A. Moreno is currently considering freelance projects and salaried positions. View curriculum vitae and featured writing projects on this page. You can find an ever-expanding collection of media content here.

Science News

Some people are information sponges who can never slate their thirst for knowledge. For them, I can quickly interpret cutting-edge publications across numerous scientific disciplines. I aim to lose as little meaning as possible while translating scientific jargon into entertaining fact-based news.


 Medical Writing

My scientific training allows me to transform clinical trials and research papers into a myriad of high-quality medical content, from white papers and clinical study summaries to slide presentations and audio scripts.

This clinical study summary showcases my data visualization skills.


Health Communication

When a member of the public is concerned about a health issue, clear and non-alarmist communication is essential. I have extensive experience researching and crafting up-to-date summaries of various human health topics.


Technical Writing

Experience matters. When it comes to writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), they should read as if the author has conducted the experiments themselves.

I’ve created several laboratory protocols that always keep the technician’s perspective front and center.


Grant Writing

I can craft compelling grant proposals that effectively communicate the significance and impact of your medical initiatives, captivating funding agencies and potential sponsors.



Humor is an effective tactic in science communication. People are curious about science but also crave to be entertained. Add a spoonful of sucrose to any science coverage with my writing or editing.