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A. Moreno PhD hosts the only podcast combining neuroscience with comedy. A Journal Club is where scientists discuss the latest research. But rather than stuffy academia or dumbed-down, kids-friendly science entertainment, this journal club is for adults only. 

With various co-hosts, A. Moreno discusses high-level neuroscience findings in a fun and irreverent atmosphere. Topics range from sexual behavior to schizophrenia.

Available on all major streaming services, download the latest episode of this neuroscience comedy podcast to learn more about the pink stuff in your skull, and how it makes you do things.

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The Latest Episodes:

Ep. 62: Meditation makes FA crazy AF (Bang et al., 2023)

Take a break, quit piling on life’s suffering, and join Amielle and guest co-host Kate Sherman for an exploration of the neuroscience behind mindfulness meditation. They discuss some unexpected results from Bang et al. (2023) that mindfulness programs makes a major difference on white matter tracks and panic disorder recovery. Allow this audio stimulus—brimming with inspirational jingles and messages of self-compassion—to slam into who you are as a person. Also, your sister isn’t always right.

Ep. 61: Sauced Up Science, Part 2 (Grodin et al., 2023; Richards et al., 2023 )

Tom and Amielle are back for Part II of their two-part series on alcohol. They’re getting real by sharing their alcohol use dependency scores and spilling pie juice. We learn the importance of keeping your anterior cingulate cortex clear of metabolites and sharing skull pictures on dates. Finally, our two co-hosts discuss a drug that not only helps you lose weight but curbs alcohol cravings. Also, Richard Simmons.

Ep. 60: Sauced Up Science, Part 1 (Lepeak et al., 2023)

Fill up your beer jars and join the club as we discuss the latest research on alcohol. In part 1 of this two-part series, Tom is bringing songs, accents, and x-mas disapproval, as well as a study on the effect of booze on sperm. Amielle discusses how shutting off a stress-related molecule can change drinking behavior. Guaranteed to be high proof, 21+ science comedy.

Ep. 59: Postpardon Me (Cheng et al., 2021)

On this Journal Club, things get candid really fast. Rachel and Amelle launch into the latest and not-so-greatest in a special type of depression: postpartum depression. While attempts at humor are more scant than usual, this episode is full of drugs, hormones, and body leakage. Also, Gatorade.

Ep. 58: Shmoos and Nanofiber Peptides Will Provide (Alvarez et al., 2023)

  Let’s double dip into some neuroscience and animal research! Leah and Amielle are discussing how nanofibers are maturing neurons… Read more Ep. 58: Shmoos and Nanofiber Peptides Will Provide (Alvarez et al., 2023)

Ep 57: The Ask-a-Philosopher HotLine

This episode is the third in our three part series on consciousness. While we do figure out that it’s a brain process, more importantly, we learn how to succeed in neuroscience. The Churchland method of scientific husbandry will have you breeding A-class neuroscientists! You might not get published, but your DNA will. Alternatively, you can try splitting your brain and accomplish twice as much. If you get hungry, just pop some pup brains in your mouth. And finally, don’t forget to make one of the figures in your next manuscript just a picture of two middle fingers. Also, go beg for me, baby.

Ep. 56: Google Scholar Search: Fire Bad?

It’s part two in our series on consciousness. We keep this journal club short and sweet, discussing ancient alien philosophers, personal wenuses, Phil Collins stutters, Ginsberg Golloba, koala qualia, and a gentle reminder that we’re stuff doing stuff made of stuff. Also, Dumpties.

Ep. 55: Rockin’ My Gadonken

Join the club for big group of your favorite co-hosts discussing the ever present question of humanity: what is consciousness? We’re experiencing experiences, visiting conscious archipelagos, discovering open-air spin coaches, the no-no list, and kadunkadunk. Also, Team Philosophy.

Ep. 54: Altruis-dicks (Scheggia et al., 2022)

Do us a big favor and rate the show. Although we know that if you’re a dominant male mouse, you… Read more Ep. 54: Altruis-dicks (Scheggia et al., 2022)

Ep. 53: Triskakittyphobia (Kumar et al., 2004)

  It’s all cats, alcohol, and death this week at the Journal Club. In this Halloween hangover episode, Leah and… Read more Ep. 53: Triskakittyphobia (Kumar et al., 2004)

Ep. 52: Neurological Underpinnings of Bitsies and Chompy-Chomps

October spooky fun continues on this zoonotic disease packed episode. Amielle terrifies with a story of a man who can’t stop ejaculating, retrograde transmission, and imbalanced Ying and Yang. Leah is having trouble driving due to philosophy and is dazzled by infrasonic sounds. Also, penguin necrophilia.

Ep. 51: Snakes on a Brain (Dinh et al., 2021)

It’s time for spooky Halloween content and Nicole and Amielle have picked some fascinating and frightening science to share. Finally, we talk about the pulvinar and how snakes have programmed your brain through ancient evolutionary software. After hating on Frontiers Journals, Nicole tells us all about what female bats are yelling. Also, good news to all the land-owning males.

Ep. 50: Attack of the Uncontrolled Variables (Georgiou et al., 2022)

Are you curious about the brain and how it controls behavior? Then the Miss Behavior Journal Club is the podcast for you. It’s a neuroscience and comedy podcast, where scientists bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the latest neuroscience research with humor, humility, and humanity.

Ep 49: Mighty Mitochondria and Malignant Microglia (Dräger et al., 2022; Geßner et al., 2022)

Bad analogies, awkward singing, and strange voices? It must be a Tom episode! Tom joins Amielle for a lot of silliness, doorbell ringing, and cetaceans. When they aren’t insulting their own mothers, Tom and Amielle manage to talk about two new research papers. Tom gets into a methods paper where researchers make some microglia. Then Amielle dives into a paper all about how seals and whales survive without oxygen during long underwater dives. Also, “You Ask a Mouse a Cookie.”

Ep 48: Do Francophones Dream of Electric Meat?

Friends new and old join us in celebrating all the silliness that life in meatspace has to offer. Tom tells us what he knows about science book (not much)! Amielle marvels at the creative limits of AI! Then, new friend of the show Lee tests out a new game of comedy and errors: Bot or Tot? Also, Darth Vader.

Ep. 47: The Big Short Peptide (Moncrieff et al., 2022)

Misunderstanding or misconduct? Why not both! Leah and Amielle dive into two of the latest Earth-shattering and/or blindingly obvious controversies in neuroscience. First up: the long-misrepresented serotonin hypothesis of depression. Then: What does the amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer’s have to do with the stock market? From antique vertebrae to mint chocolate chip botanists, science is fun (depending on your definition of fun). Also, angels don’t exist.

Ep. 46: Eight Middle Tentacles (Poncet et al., 2022)

This journal club, we talk about our favorite mollusk, the octopus! It turns out judging intelligence is very complicated. Not only do the findings of this study create a confusing chaos for researchers, it also throws Leah off. We have tea bags, self-cleaning science, and David Attenborough. Also, petards.

Ep. 45: A Three Minute Tour of Terror

For an episode about sleep terrors, the funny females Amielle and Leah don’t let it get too scary. But they do, dive seven inches under the sea and fathom the darkest corners of cruise comics, people hiding in drawers, and elongated eyeballs. They discuss how having sleep terrors is related to sleepwalking, right after and before two very sexual stories. Also, the world wide release of the new folk music hit “Wide Open To My Window!”

Ep. 44: What the Kids are Listening To (Abrams et al., 2022)

Tom Hage joins Amielle for an episode about self-regulation and adolescent attention. The erudite Tom discusses some serious Instagram research. Then the feature paper explores how children abandon their moms at the neuronal level. This is what happens when children stop being polite, and start being little &#$@s! Also, non-consensual cruises.

Ep. 43: Attack of the Fee-fees (Guimond et al., 2022)

Bust out your therapeutic emotion wheel, Leah and Amielle are affecting! This episode the ladies discuss two papers on the recognition of other’s emotions; from how serotonin transporters effect recognizing frowning faces to a featured paper on how the shape of the amygdala over time could predict developing psychosis. Leah faces her classic nemesis: words while Amielle keeps the train of refugees moving. We wrap it all up with a neuroethics discussion and dish about the famous inventor of The Nothing. Also, mongols.

Ep. 42: Gamma ‘Til I’m Gone (Vicente et al., 2022)

The lady scientists would like nothing more than to tell you all about the dying brain! We got gamma waves, dickensian bouquets, beached whales, and severed ox head batteries. Amielle presents a recent study where a dying man’s brain waves are analyzed. Leah tells case reports of individuals who have come back from the brink of death to tell the tale. And if all of that wasn’t enough, we (don’t) talk to comedian Shane Moss talking about DMT. Stick around until the end to hear secret tricks in conforming to social niceties in spite of preferring the void. Also, Frankenstein’s monster’s attorney.

Ep. 41: Sweet and Sour Dolphin (Yao & Scott, 2022; Lopez, 2022)

This week at the Journal Club, Nicole and Amielle get into the significance of a moment on the lips and the follies of single authorships. They cover the benefits and challenges of fly research, how taste changes a body, and meringue’s of temptation. Next, it’s off to Italy to catch dolphins bursting and pulsing like middleschool girls. Prepare for dolphin impressions! Also, the devil’s nose.

Ep. 40: Left Handed Insult (Pullman et al., 2022)

After their bout with COVID, Tom and Amielle are back and talking about a little discipline with big notions called evolutionary psychology. How did some of these endeavoring scientists test if psychopathy is a mental disorder or an unconventional life strategy? Turns out you ask one simple question; Vladimir Putin or Ned Flanders? Also wild male adult atlantic walruses.

Ep. 39: Whips and Phone Chains (Kamping et al., 2016)

Short and painfully sweet, this Journal Club we’re phoning it in with some noteworthy non-news. But, while low in minutes, the topics couldn’t be spicier. We bring you the connection between gingivitis and mental health and explore the top-down processing that makes “it hurt so good.” We discuss research on the brains of masochists when they experience pain. Also, ‘sup mushroom!

Ep. 38: …But they’re FISH?! (Kohda et al., 2022)

Warning: those in the front row may get splashed during the show, because we’re talking about fish. The world of behavioral cognition and the old primate boys club is being shaken up by the mean mugging of the cleaner wrasse. Amielle reads between the lines and creates a wild dramatization of academic discord. Wow, even though they’re talking fish, these researchers are getting catty. Meanwhile, Leah gets contentious about consciousness. Also, macaque hate.

Ep. 37: ADing Insult to Oxidative Stress (Reiken et al., 2022)

This episode is brought to you by the color ‘fluorescent green’! The hosts are tangent crazy as they discuss the latest COVID brain research. What are the molecular changes in the COVID brain and could their similarity to Alzheimer’s explain these neurological symptoms? We also learn about Leah’s stance on sexy fish-men, and how she prints with fire. Amielle practices her pilot impressions and divulges the evolutionary importance of crocodiles. Also, when there’s no oxygen, Leah is gay.

Ep. 36: Leah LiCled a Little Lamb (Pedernera et al., 2022)

We begin this mouth-feel filled episode with a spiritual journey; drinking beer with hallucinogens in the Andes. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it’s farmyard fun with a new study on lambs eating different flavors, textures, and poison! Somewhere in there, Amielle demands a whole bottle of whiskey and Leah achieves personality personal-growth. And finally, we discuss how your fears are gonna fuck up your sperm and next generations. Also, serial killer sheep.

Ep. 35: The Planet of Explanans (Buzsáki, 2020)

Hold on to your neural networks. This is not an episode for intellectual light weights. Nicole Davies brings the inside-out rhetoric of theoretical philosophy of science to the Journal Club. In discussing an opinion piece 20 years in the making, Detective Cupidity Branco, Fears the Reviewers Davies, and Honorable Mention Moreno break down strategic research approaches, sprinkling explanans all around. Also, the Berenstain Bears suck!

Ep. 34: Founding the Journal “…Someone’s Gotta?!” (Vacher, 2021)

While New Years gives us a chance to start fresh, we explore how biology does not. It’s nice and all that the neural nets of the world are creating the best new year’s resolutions for us, their play dough-like (or play dough familiar) counterparts. But, it seems the hormones of the prenatal environment are making some big decisions on our later behavior, governing how much myelin we’re growing. Also, quid nominum geminus?

Ep. 33: Same as it ever GWAS with Co-Host Nicole Davies (Gialluisi et al., 2021)

This week at the club, Amielle is joined by Nicole Davies to discuss possibly our most ironic paper. Amielle tackles her arch nemesis, dyslexia, when presenting a monster of a GWAS study on… developmental dyslexia! Get ready for Playboy magazine analogies, sad birthdays, politician punching and more hating on the country of Spain. Also, gas intelligence.

Ep. 32: Rats with Fortitude with guest Co-host Tom Hage (Domi, Xu, et al., 2021)

Ho Ho Who’s gonna make you wish you were dating a barnacle, talk about witches, and why your dad stays on the sauce? It’s Tom and Amielle! These two ho-ligans are getting into childhood development and the belief in Santa, as well as punishment-resistant alcohol drinking (Domi, Xu, et al., 2021). So, pour yourself a mug of eggnog and gather the 1940s rat children around the ol’ podcast player, because this is as X-mas-y the podcast is ever gonna get.

Ep. 31: Lots of Mouth Stuff (Tord et al., 2021)

Who the hell do these scientific journals think they are? The hosts uncover the true relationship between scientists and these demanding domains. Meanwhile, greedy scientists are paid to eat icecream?! What is the world coming to? Also, the most spit-tastic bonus clip ever!

Ep. 30: Nucleotidings of comfort and joy (Andres-Hernando, Cicerchi et al., 2021)

Hope you’re ready to metabolize a brand new episode all about tasty foods. This episode is served steaming hot with how umami flavors are making you wanna eat more. The superiority of biology over physics is on full display as it destroys basic measurements of conservation of mass. We also have a guest appearance of a surprise organ we don’t often spend time with, the liver! Also, gout.

Ep. 29: Funny Games (Peng et al. 2021)

It may be November, but here at the journal club we’re still Halloween fiends. Long after the thrill of candy is gone, we dive into: more antisocial behavior research, 101 prisoner’s brains, designer evil mice, and SfN-inspired…“games”…? Listen till the end for a life pro tip on how to kill (a relationship). Also, hyena genitals.

Ep. 28: Skulls, Eye-Balls, and Death, Oh My!

Your hosts jump right into misbehaving from the beginning with material too scandalous for BYU. Spooky subjects include: penile memory, festive fisticuffs, and the current state of your long-term relationship.

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