Ep. 50: Attack of the Uncontrolled Variables (Georgiou et al., 2022)

Leah and Amielle face nightmare variables with a smile for their 50th episode! We learn all about the powers of B.O. while perusing a paper from the journal of “…But Someone’s Gotta!” In this case, someone’s gotta investigate the effects of our smelly meat cases on the mice we study. This episode has it all! Apple cider vinegar! Segments-a-plenty! Topias, u- and dys-! Sucrose-related obscenity! Also, labiatories.

  • Around 8:40 min – Experiementers’ sex modulates mouse behaviors and neural responses to ketamine via corticotropin releasing factor, Georgiou et al. (2022).
  • Feature Paper intro song: “Oh Come On” by The Julie Ruin
  • Leah would like to apologize for her catastrophically simplistic characterization of fast neurotransmitters. For a better walkthrough, see: SnapShot: Neuromodulation (Bucher and Marder, 2013)
  • On cows, mice, engineering students, and stress sweat: Male mice and cows perceive human emotional chemosignals: a preliminary study, Destrez et al. (2021
  • Olfactory exposure to males, including men, causes stress and related analgesia in rodents (Sorge et al.) (2014)
  • The strange loophole that lets Hooters hire only female servers, Shamsian, (2015).
  • On athletes finding out they’re intersex through mandated testing: Personal Account: A woman tried and tested (Martínez-Patiño, 2005); Bonny Pal strikes a new goal (Bandyopadhyay, 2012)
  • Closing Song: “Don’t Do It” By Little Charlie and the Nightcats, source Alligator Records
  • Ketamine has all kinds of therapeutic potential–but shortly after recording this episode, we learned that Elijah McClain died when police gave him a ketamine overdose. Learn more about his death, and his life here.
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