Ep 49: Mighty Mitochondria and Malignant Microglia (Dräger et al., 2022; Geßner et al., 2022)

Bad analogies, awkward singing, and strange voices? It must be a Tom episode! Tom joins Amielle for a lot of silliness, doorbell ringing, and cetaceans. When they aren’t insulting their own mothers, Tom and Amielle manage to talk about two new research papers. Tom gets into a methods paper where researchers make some microglia. Then Amielle dives into a paper all about how seals and whales survive without oxygen during long underwater dives. Also, “You Ask a Mouse a Cookie.”

    • Around 10:55 min – A CRISPRi/a platform in human iPSC-derived microglia uncovers regulators of disease states, Dräger et al., (2022)
    • Around 26 min – Transcriptomes Suggest That Pinniped and Cetacean Brains Have a High Capacity for Aerobic Metabolism While Reducing Energy-Intensive Processes Such as Synaptic Transmission Geßner et al., (2022)

To the best of our abilities, all research for planned discussion is cited orally in the show. Please send any concerns about un-cited material to A New Low Podcast Network Headquarters. 


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