Ep. 51: Snakes on a Brain (Dinh et al., 2021)

It’s time for spooky Halloween content and Nicole and Amielle have picked some fascinating and frightening science to share. Finally, we talk about the pulvinar and how snakes have programmed your brain through ancient evolutionary software. After hating on Frontiers Journals, Nicole tells us what female bats are yelling about and punches a tech-bro. Also, good news to all the land-owning males.

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  • Around 9:35 min – Preferential neuronal responses to snakes in the monkey medial prefrontal cortex support an evolutionary origin for ophidiophobia, Dinh et al. (2021).
  • Around 24:38 min – Everyday bat vocalizations contain information about emitter, addressee, context, and behavior, Prat et al, (2016).
  • Background on Subcortical Visual Processing: Investigating the subcortical route to the amygdala across species and in disordered fear responses, McFadyen (2019).
  • Outro Song: The Snake Song by Behind Bob’s Burgers
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