Ep. 43: Attack of the Fee-fees (Guimond et al., 2022)

Bust out your therapeutic emotion wheel, Leah and Amielle are affecting! This episode the ladies discuss two papers on the recognition of other’s emotions; from how serotonin transporters effect recognizing frowning faces to a featured paper on how the shape of the amygdala over time could predict developing psychosis. Leah faces her classic nemesis: words while Amielle keeps the train of refugees moving. We wrap it all up with a neuroethics discussion and dish about the famous inventor of The Nothing. Also, mongols.

  • Around 13 min – Brain serotonin transporter is associated with cognitive-affective biases in healthy individuals Armand et al., (2022)
  • Around 26 min – Altered amygdala shape trajectories and emotion recognition in youth at familial high risk of schizophrenia who develop psychosis Guimond et al. (2022)
  • CoBrA Labs: home of Multiple Automatically Generated Templates Brain Segmentation Algorithm (MAGeTbrain) and the most bad ass snake and brain logo
  • Around 1 hr 5 min – Cross-modal perception of identity by sound and taste in bottlenose dolphins (Bruck et al., 2022)

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