Ep 57: The Ask-a-Philosopher HotLine

This episode is the third in our three part series on consciousness. While we do figure out that it’s a brain process, more importantly, we learn how to succeed in neuroscience. The Churchland method of scientific husbandry will have you breeding A-class neuroscientists! You might not get published, but your DNA will. Alternatively, you can try splitting your brain and accomplish twice as much. If you get hungry, just pop some pup brains in your mouth. And finally, don’t forget to make one of the figures in your next manuscript just a picture of two middle fingers. Also, go beg for me, baby.


  • Ep 25: Dopamine Unto Others (Pat Churchland), Big Biology podcast (2019)
  • Ep 37: Loading the Dice (Eva Jablonka and Moncy Ginsburg), Big Biology podcast, (2020)
  • Is Consciousness a Brain Process?, Place, (1956)
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