Ep. 54: Altruis-dicks (Scheggia et al., 2022)

Do us a big favor and rate the show. Although we know that if you’re a dominant male mouse, you probably already have. After learning what the heck that means, stick around for an off-the-wall game show exposing the flawed logic of scientists, including the hosts! Also, Watershit Downs.


  • Around 15:00 min – Reciprocal cortico-amygdala connections regulate prosocial and selfish choices in mice. Scheggia et al. (2022)
  • Structure and function differences in the prelimbic cortex to basolateral amygdala circuit mediate trait vulnerability in a novel model of acute social defeat stress in male mice. Grossman et al. – (2022
  • Behaviour: A lookout for luck. Powell (2017
  • Chemists share their lab superstitions. Jansen (2018)
  • Closing song by L’eggo Jazz, Ovatime
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