Ep. 33: Same as it ever GWAS with Co-Host Nicole Davies (Gialluisi et al., 2021)

This week at the club, Amielle is joined by Nicole Davies to discuss possibly our most ironic paper. Amielle tackles her arch nemesis, dyslexia, when presenting a monster of a GWAS study on… developmental dyslexia! Get ready for Playboy magazine analogies, sad birthdays, politician punching and more hating on the country of Spain. Also, gas intelligence.


  • Genome-wide association study reveals new insights into the heritability of genetic correlates of developmental dyslexia (Gialluisi et al., 2021)
  • How to understand Odds Ratios because you suffer from insomnia or are a masochist
  • Common forms of Cognitive Bias

To the best of our abilities, all research for planned discussion is cited orally in the show. Please send any concerns about un-cited material to Miss Behavior Journal Club Headquarters.