Ep. 61: Sauced Up Science, Part 2 (Grodin et al., 2023; Richards et al., 2023 )

Tom and Amielle are back for Part II of their two-part series on alcohol. They’re getting real by sharing their alcohol use dependency scores and spilling pie juice. We learn the importance of keeping your anterior cingulate cortex clear of metabolites and sharing skull pictures on dates. Finally, our two co-hosts discuss a drug that not only helps you lose weight but curbs alcohol cravings. Also, Richard Simmons.

Ep 48: Do Francophones Dream of Electric Meat?

Friends new and old join us in celebrating all the silliness that life in meatspace has to offer. Tom tells us what he knows about science book (not much)! Amielle marvels at the creative limits of AI! Then, new friend of the show Lee tests out a new game of comedy and errors: Bot or Tot? Also, Darth Vader.

Ep. 47: The Big Short Peptide (Moncrieff et al., 2022)

Misunderstanding or misconduct? Why not both! Leah and Amielle dive into two of the latest Earth-shattering and/or blindingly obvious controversies in neuroscience. First up: the long-misrepresented serotonin hypothesis of depression. Then: What does the amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer’s have to do with the stock market? From antique vertebrae to mint chocolate chip botanists, science is fun (depending on your definition of fun). Also, angels don’t exist.

Ep. 46: Eight Middle Tentacles (Poncet et al., 2022)

This journal club, we talk about our favorite mollusk, the octopus! It turns out judging intelligence is very complicated. Not only do the findings of this study create a confusing chaos for researchers, it also throws Leah off. We have tea bags, self-cleaning science, and David Attenborough. Also, petards.

Ep. 45: A Three Minute Tour of Terror

For an episode about sleep terrors, the funny females Amielle and Leah don’t let it get too scary. But they do, dive seven inches under the sea and fathom the darkest corners of cruise comics, people hiding in drawers, and elongated eyeballs. They discuss how having sleep terrors is related to sleepwalking, right after and before two very sexual stories. Also, the world wide release of the new folk music hit “Wide Open To My Window!”

Ep. 44: What the Kids are Listening To (Abrams et al., 2022)

Tom Hage joins Amielle for an episode about self-regulation and adolescent attention. The erudite Tom discusses some serious Instagram research. Then the feature paper explores how children abandon their moms at the neuronal level. This is what happens when children stop being polite, and start being little &#$@s! Also, non-consensual cruises.

Ep. 43: Attack of the Fee-fees (Guimond et al., 2022)

Bust out your therapeutic emotion wheel, Leah and Amielle are affecting! This episode the ladies discuss two papers on the recognition of other’s emotions; from how serotonin transporters effect recognizing frowning faces to a featured paper on how the shape of the amygdala over time could predict developing psychosis. Leah faces her classic nemesis: words while Amielle keeps the train of refugees moving. We wrap it all up with a neuroethics discussion and dish about the famous inventor of The Nothing. Also, mongols.

Ep. 42: Gamma ‘Til I’m Gone (Vicente et al., 2022)

The lady scientists would like nothing more than to tell you all about the dying brain! We got gamma waves, dickensian bouquets, beached whales, and severed ox head batteries. Amielle presents a recent study where a dying man’s brain waves are analyzed. Leah tells case reports of individuals who have come back from the brink of death to tell the tale. And if all of that wasn’t enough, we (don’t) talk to comedian Shane Moss talking about DMT. Stick around until the end to hear secret tricks in conforming to social niceties in spite of preferring the void. Also, Frankenstein’s monster’s attorney.