Ep 58: Shmoos and Nanofiber Peptides Will Provide (Alvarez et al., 2023)

Let’s double dip into some neuroscience and animal research! Leah and Amielle are discussing how nanofibers are maturing neurons on the plate. We also get into results shared in a world wide twitter conference on animal behavior, hosted by ??? We might be shut out of the world of the published but we’re still publishing. So, join us and get some little peptide treats. Also, grooming behavior.

Ep 57: The Ask-a-Philosopher HotLine

This episode is the third in our three part series on consciousness. While we do figure out that it’s a brain process, more importantly, we learn how to succeed in neuroscience. The Churchland method of scientific husbandry will have you breeding A-class neuroscientists! You might not get published, but your DNA will. Alternatively, you can try splitting your brain and accomplish twice as much. If you get hungry, just pop some pup brains in your mouth. And finally, don’t forget to make one of the figures in your next manuscript just a picture of two middle fingers. Also, go beg for me, baby.

Ep. 56: Google Scholar Search: Fire Bad?

It’s part two in our series on consciousness. We keep this journal club short and sweet, discussing ancient alien philosophers, personal wenuses, Phil Collins stutters, Ginsberg Golloba, koala qualia, and a gentle reminder that we’re stuff doing stuff made of stuff. Also, Dumpties.

Ep. 55: Rockin’ My Gadonken

Join the club for big group of your favorite co-hosts discussing the ever present question of humanity: what is consciousness? We’re experiencing experiences, visiting conscious archipelagos, discovering open-air spin coaches, the no-no list, and kadunkadunk. Also, Team Philosophy.

Ep. 52: Neurological Underpinnings of Bitsies and Chompy-Chomps

October spooky fun continues on this zoonotic disease packed episode. Amielle terrifies with a story of a man who can’t stop ejaculating, retrograde transmission, and imbalanced Ying and Yang. Leah is having trouble driving due to philosophy and is dazzled by infrasonic sounds. Also, penguin necrophilia.

Ep. 51: Snakes on a Brain (Dinh et al., 2021)

It’s time for spooky Halloween content and Nicole and Amielle have picked some fascinating and frightening science to share. Finally, we talk about the pulvinar and how snakes have programmed your brain through ancient evolutionary software. After hating on Frontiers Journals, Nicole tells us all about what female bats are yelling. Also, good news to all the land-owning males.

Ep. 47: The Big Short Peptide (Moncrieff et al., 2022)

Misunderstanding or misconduct? Why not both! Leah and Amielle dive into two of the latest Earth-shattering and/or blindingly obvious controversies in neuroscience. First up: the long-misrepresented serotonin hypothesis of depression. Then: What does the amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer’s have to do with the stock market? From antique vertebrae to mint chocolate chip botanists, science is fun (depending on your definition of fun). Also, angels don’t exist.