Ep. 46: Eight Middle Tentacles (Poncet et al., 2022)

This journal club, we talk about our favorite mollusk, the octopus! It turns out judging intelligence is very complicated. Not only do the findings of this study create a confusing chaos for researchers, it also throws Leah off. We have tea bags, self-cleaning science, and David Attenborough. Also, petards.

Ep. 45: A Three Minute Tour of Terror

For an episode about sleep terrors, the funny females Amielle and Leah don’t let it get too scary. But they do, dive seven inches under the sea and fathom the darkest corners of cruise comics, people hiding in drawers, and elongated eyeballs. They discuss how having sleep terrors is related to sleepwalking, right after and before two very sexual stories. Also, the world wide release of the new folk music hit “Wide Open To My Window!”

Ep. 42: Gamma ‘Til I’m Gone (Vicente et al., 2022)

The lady scientists would like nothing more than to tell you all about the dying brain! We got gamma waves, dickensian bouquets, beached whales, and severed ox head batteries. Amielle presents a recent study where a dying man’s brain waves are analyzed. Leah tells case reports of individuals who have come back from the brink of death to tell the tale. And if all of that wasn’t enough, we (don’t) talk to comedian Shane Moss talking about DMT. Stick around until the end to hear secret tricks in conforming to social niceties in spite of preferring the void. Also, Frankenstein’s monster’s attorney.